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What is an Agency Account?

Partners & Affiliates Updated on August 7, 2018

Agency accounts is a type of account here at Benchmark Email that is very different than the Master/Sub-account type.  The main difference between the two types of accounts is their purpose.  Agency accounts were created as a solution for businesses who actually do the Email Marketing for the client, specifically creating and sending the email.  It used to be that Agencies, or 3rd party marketer, would have to use their client’s account instead of their own. 

As a solution, Benchmark Email offers Agency accounts.  What an Agency account allows the 3rd party to do is have a free account with Benchmark (or paid account), and be able to have access to another Benchmark account.  Unlike Sub-accounts where the sub-account is still considered to be 1 entity or account with the Master,  the Agency account and Client account, are both seperate accounts.  Because they are considered seperate accounts, they do not share storage space or list space.

Agency accounts can also be used as a standard account as well, just with special privileges to other user accounts. To become an Agency account, you must call our support team (800-430-4095 ext. 2) and make a request. ( Outside of the USA please contact us via support@benchmarkemail.com).

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