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What is an anchor link? Can I use one in Benchmark Email?

Create Email Marketing Updated on September 4, 2019

An Anchor is a hyperlink in your email, that you click on to send you to another part of the email.  Anchors are usually used in long and tall emails and aids in navigating through the email.  You can think of it as a boat anchor, you set the anchor somewhere in the email, and then you hop on a boat for the anchor, or in this case, click a link and you’ll be sent to the point in the email.

To use Anchors in an email, we need to clarify two key things.  There is the Anchor, then there is the Link to your anchor.  Lets first start off with the Anchor:

To create a anchor:

  1. Click into a block you want to add your anchor to
  2. Place your cursor at the beginning of the text you wish to set your anchor
  3. Add the anchor by clicking on the   icon from the top toolbar
  4. Give a name to your anchor that you’ll remember.  We suggest you give it a name, relative to the content of the block
  5. Click Update and you’ll see a very small anchor has been set

Now that we’ve set the anchor, we can create the link going to your anchor:

To create the link to your anchor:

  1. Click on the block you wish to place your link
  2. Type your text and highlight the text
  3. Then click on the insert link icon
  4. In the pop-up click on the Anchor Tag
  5. Select the anchor you wish to link


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