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When Is the Next Webinar Being Offered?

Getting Started Updated on March 18, 2021

Benchmark Email offers Free Webinars to explain the in-depth functionality of our tools and features, from the simple task of uploading a list to creating journeys in Automation pro. This interactive webinar is live and available for you providing a detailed explanation on a welcome journey using Automation Pro- Available in English.

Our Webinars are offered daily and at different times. Please click on JOIN NOW to sign up for the next webinar!

We also provide a Crash Course to email marketing for the US and Canada providing insight on creating campaigns using our Drag and Drop editor, managing contact list, segments, and much more.

You always have access to our pre-recorded webinar in the event that there is not a live one being offered at a convenient time for you. Click here to access our Webinar page.

If there is no webinar offered for your region, you can always contact your Customer Engagement Specialist for a one on one webinar.

If you have any questions regarding webinars, please feel free to contact our Support team by Email, LiveChat, or phone.

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