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Why can‘t I change the color of my URL?

Drag & Drop Editor Updated on September 9, 2019
All links in your email have the default color scheme (blue for links / purple for visited links).

To change the color of your URL links in the Edit Mode

  • Highlight the URL (by using the mouse or the keyboard to select the link)
  • Change the color using the text color picker in the toolbar of the block.
  • Click on SAVE to save your changes.

Using the Code View Mode:

  • Go to the URL code that you want to update.
  • Update the HTML code inside the <a href> or link tag by using the style attribute (#FF0000 = red), e.g. Your link text should look like this:
    <font color=red><a href="xyz"></a></font>

    After inserting the style tag, your code should look like this

    <font color=red><a href="xyz" style="color:#cc0000"></a></font>
  • Click on Save or Update.
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