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Why Do I Have to Split My List? And What Does It Mean to Warm Up My IPs or Throttle My Emails?

Delivery Updated on October 29, 2020

When you first upgrade your account to a High Volume Sending Plan, there will be new dedicated IP(s) assigned to your account. Dedicated IP’s are designated to you to ensure that your email deliverability is independent of any other Benchmark account. To learn more about Dedicated and Shared IP’s Click Here.

Anytime you start sending from a new IP address, precautions should be made such as warming up the IP. Benchmark will request you initially send in small chunks before you can send to your entire list.  You will have to split up your contact list, and depending on the size of your list, the list range could be between 10,000 and 20,000 contacts. However, the period of IP warm up is short (2-4 weeks), your goal is to introduce your domain and IP(s) to the ISP’s and build a sending reputation.

Like all relationships, trust is vital, and email marketing is no different. ISP’s will accept more of your emails if they see you have good sending habits.

Learn more about How to Warm Up your IP’s Click Here.

Aside from splitting your list, Benchmark will also enable throttling to your new HVS account, only affecting the initial campaigns. ISP’s are notorious for restricting the quantity of emails coming in from specific senders at any given time. If we allow your new IP address to send too many emails at once, this could cause your emails to be rejected resulting with a high bounce rate. Rejected emails can be prevented with the help of Email Throttling.

Email throttling controls the amount of email campaigns sent to your recipients ISP’s during a timed period. The practice of email throttling might not be the most favorable when you want to get your messages out, but ignoring this can mean a poor sending reputation and could lead to low open rates.  Slow and steady sending to begin with, will enhance your reputation and acceptance rate by the ISPs.

Benchmark is committed to providing best sending practices, and our support team makes this process effortless by controlling your sending for the first few email campaigns. After a couple of sends, throttling will be lifted from the account, and regular sending can begin. The first few restricted sends are used for building up the Domain and IP reputation.

Note: Throttling Settings are controlled internally and by our support team, it does not require client action.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or Phone.


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