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Can I update or change an email in an active Automation?

Automation Pro Integrations Updated on December 20, 2018

The option to update or edit an email in an active automation within Automation pro is not possible. However, if there were mistakes or you forgot to add something to the email in the automation, you can create a new email. By creating a new email, you can start with a fresh campaign, or you can reuse a previous email campaign.

Follow these steps, to create a new email in your active automation.

  1. Go the Automation you wish to edit.
  2. Then select the email action.
  3. Now, you can select to create a New Email or create a new version by selecting Copy & Edit for previous emails. For either option complete the needed steps.
    • Copy & Edit – AAll details and email content will be copied over from the previous campaign. If you choose this option you will be taken back to the Send Email node, then select the option you need to edit. Do not click on Activate Draft until you have made your changes.
    • New EmailYou will have to add new details and also recreate the email content.

To activate your email click Activate Draft.

Important: This action cannot be reversed. By activating the draft, you are confirming the email to be active in your automation and will archive your previous email in your Email Report.

Reports: Email Reports reflect all emails that have been activated using the Send Email node. You can select to view previous emails from the Versions dropdown. Reporting is kept separate for each email.

  • If your workflow contains a condition that targets contacts that have opened or not opened a specific email, your condition will automatically be updated to the newest activated email.
  • If your workflow contains a condition that targets a specific link in an email, and you decide to create a new email, the automation workflow will still continue to work. The new email must have the same email link.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or by Phone.

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