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What should I do if my contact‘s ISP is blocking mails sent through Benchmark Email?

General Questions Updated on November 4, 2023

On occasion, an ISP may block emails from you on behalf of one or more of your subscribers. There may be a valid reason for this, there may not be, but the bottom line is you’ll have to contact the subscriber and the ISP to clear up the blocking issue. The following is a template letter you can send to the subscriber regarding the blocking problem, as well as a template letter your subscriber can send directly to their ISP. After making the proper adjustments, you can send this letter using your standard email program.

Here is the letter you’ll send to your subscriber:

To: Contact Name Subject:Please Contact Your ISP

Dear [Subcriber’s Name],

I am contacting you to let you know that your ISP is blocking my newsletters/announcements/emails even though you subscribed to my email communications.

Because you signed up to receive these emails voluntarily, I am assuming that you would like to continue receiving all the exciting announcements and communications I have planned for the future. So I’ve enclosed a letter /text below you can email to your ISP’s customer service department, asking them to stop blocking emails from us.

As you may know, I use Benchmark Email to send emails to my subscribers. If you receive a response from your ISP after you send them the letter above, please forward it to Once we receive your ISP’s response to your letter, we’ll contact the ISP directly in regards to this matter.

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

[Your Name] [Your Website Address]

犀利士 >Here is the letter your subscriber sends to their ISP:

Dear [ISP Name Customer Support] Subject: [Please Remove Benchmark Email Block]

Hello, my name is [SUBSCRIBER’S NAME]. I am one of your customers. As an ISP, I understand you need to use certain filters to protect me from receiving spam. However, your filters are stopping me from receiving valuable announcements, emails and newsletters from services I have subscribed to.

The services I speak of use an email company named Benchmark Email to send their emails to subscribers like me. Benchmark Email is not an open relay service. Benchmark demands that their customers only follow strict, opt-in and CAN-SPAM compliant email practices, and enforces these rules vigorously. Benchmark also uses its own good email marketing practices. So your blocking of these emails from Benchmark is a mistake and is preventing me from enjoying emails and newsletters I’ve signed up for.

I ask that you investigate why these emails are being blocked. If you need more information from Benchmark, including log files, you can reach the Benchmark Email support team at or 800.430-4095.

Here is Benchmark Email’s sending info:

“Sender” domain: Sending IPs: All emails from Benchmark Email are sent from the following:


Please contact me when you’ve resolved this problem.

All the best,

[Subscriber’s Name]