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What Happens When a Contact Forwards an Email?

General Questions Updated on March 10, 2023

When one of your contacts forwards your email sent from Benchmark Email, the actions of the forwarded email will be recorded as the person who originally received the email. Unfortunately, there is no way to see or track the email address of the person receiving the forwarded email as they were not part of your sending list and have not subscribed to receive email communication from your company.

For example, if Jean forwards an email to Luke using her inbox settings, and Luke opens the forwarded email, Benchmark Email will show that Jean opened the Email. Thus, any interaction from Luke is reported as done by Jean.

Additionally, if a recipient of a forwarded email clicks on the Unsubscribe link or reports the Email as SPAM/Junk, the contact who forwarded the Email would be the email address that becomes unsubscribed.

If you have any questions regarding your email reports, please contact our support team.