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How can I get more contacts to open my emails and/or surveys?

Automations General Questions Updated on July 26, 2021

Please consider the following tips to help increase your open rate:

  1. Make sure that your “From” name is one that your subscribers will recognize. A contact is much more likely to open an email if they trust the sender. Try to use the same “From” name each time so that you build familiarity and credibility with your subscribers. Incorporate your name, business or department to cleary identify yourself to your contacts.
  2. Proper Email Subject Lines
    • Subject line should be short and provide a benefit to the recepient for opening it.
    • Get to the point fast.
    • Avoid spammy words. Alternating uPpER aNd LOweR case is strongly discouraged. Abbreviations are not a good idea unless you are sure all of your recepients will understand them. Review the restrictions for subject lines in email marketing.
    • Having a date in the subject line has been shown to increase open rates by 24-29%.
    • Making your subscribers feel special or privileged can boost open rates by 24%. For example, “By Invitation Only” or “Exclusive Offer” are good phrases to draw attention and create a feeling of superiority for contacts. You may also want to personalize your subject line.
  3. Send to a targeted audience. Find out what your contacts are looking for by sending a survey. With the results of the survey you can then segment your list(s) into groups of people with similar interests and preferences.
  4. The day an email is sent, along with the time it is sent, can have a big impact on whether it is opened or not. As a general rule, emails tend to be opened more frequently between Tuesday and Thursday and around the middle of the day. Try to figure out what works best for your audience demographic and then send campaigns during peak hours and days.
  5. Maintain Your Lists: You could have the best email content or survey but if they are being sent to a list that has not been cleaned, you may end up with a lot of bounced emails and spam complaints. Utilize the “Clean list” feature to ensure the best possible results.