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How do I reduce the number of opt-outs I receive?

General Questions Updated on June 3, 2022

The interest your contacts have in receiving your emails will change over time and it is expected that your list may shrink as a result of some contacts losing interest completely. However, there are some things you can do that will help keep your subscribers interested.

Keep your contacts engaged with your emails over time:

  • Keep the Content Relevant – Consider breaking your list into smaller segments in order to send information that directly relates to your contacts’ interests.
  • Encourage Contacts to Update Subscription Profiles – By asking your contacts to update their profiles, it will give them the option of selecting the list or lists that are most relevant to their needs and interests.
  • Set and Meet Expectations – Make sure that it is clearly stated on both your signup form and your welcome email how often your contacts can expect to receive correspondence from you. It is recommended to email a list no more than once per 10 days.
  • Ask for Feedback – Create a survey to collect your contacts’ suggestions for improving your emails.
  • Pay Attention to Hot Topics – Review your email reports to track which topics are popular among your contacts:
    • Check which linked articles had the most clicks.
    • And which subject lines resulted in the highest open rates.

Additional Tips –

Once you have taken the steps necessary to keep your contacts interested, you may also consider looking at:

  1. Consistency of Email Design – Brand loyalty is a strong factor in how likely your contacts are to stick with you. By creating emails that have the same look and feel, your contacts will develop a familiarity with you and will be more likely to remain a subscriber over time.
  2. Quality of Lists – Make it a habit to clean up your lists on a regular basis to ensure that those you are sending emails to are actually receiving them.