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How does the CSS-Automator work?

General Questions Updated on August 6, 2018

This feature is available if you choose to use your own custom HTML, instead of the standard templates.


Most of the web mail applications like GMail, YahooMail, Hotmail will not render your email properly if you have used <style> blocks. You would normally have to use inline CSS in your layout – that would be quite tedious. So to do this job automatically for you, we provide the CSS-Automator, which does the inlining as well as some clean up of your HTML.

To use the CSS Automator :

  1. Create a Email in your Benchmarkemail account and under Step 3 of the Email Builder Wizard click on the "Use Own HTML".
  2. In the Popup to paste your HTML, enable the CSS Automater feature by simply checking the "Use CSS Automator" checkbox in the upper left hand corner of the paste HTML tab.
  3. Complete your email and schedule your email
  4. You can test your email to ensure that your email layout shows up as it is supposed to be.

You will not be able to see any immediate change to your source code, if you have selected this option. The actual updates are done once you send a Test Email or the actual email is delivered.

We do not fix issues that may be present in your email layout like embedded objects, flash, forms, scripts etc. You need to Test your email to ensure that the structure of your email has not been altered.