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Website Tracking with Signup Forms

Automation Pro Signup Forms Updated on May 21, 2024

Website tracking is embedded into some of our signup forms and it allows you to track website visitors the minute they sign up. Once your signup form script is added to your site, Automaton Pro can handle the rest.

Who can use Signup Form tracking?

Website tracking is part of our paid features; premium users can take advantage of signup form tracking.

How does the Signup Form tracking work?

Easy all you have to do is copy and paste the signup form’s website tracking code into one of your webpages, and you’re done. Learn how to add your Tracking code to your site.

  Getting your Signup Form Code
  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Then select Signup Forms and click (or create) on the signup form you would like to use to initiate tracking.  For this example, we are using an already created form. To learn how to create a Signup Form, click here.
  3. The signup form’s Design page will open, then click on Save and Publish.
  4. Then click on Confirm if you are done with your changes.
  5. Your Signup Form codes will appear, from the dropdown select JavaScript Snippet with Website Tracking or HTML Code with Website Tracking and click on Copy.
  6. Go to your site and add your signup form code in the pages desired.

We recommend adding the tracking code to the header of your site. Adding the code to the header will allow it to track all pages.

You may need to contact your webmaster or your service provider to add code to your site if you do not have access to update.

Now, any website visitors who sign up through your signup forms will be tracked in Automation Pro.


When you choose the Signup Form code with Website Tracking, you do not have to add your personal tracking code to your page again. However, keep in mind that a signup form will appear in any of the pages you added the signup form tracking code.

If there are other pages you would like to track but don’t want a signup form in those pages, then place your personal tracking code instead.

The Tracking code should be placed between <head> tags.

Learn how to create a GDPR compliant signup form.

If you have any questions regarding Signup Form tracking, please be sure to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or phone.