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Reports Section

Reports Updated on September 20, 2022


The Reports tab displays statistics for every email sent, autoresponders, and surveys.

The ‘Reports’ tab has the following sections:

  • Email Reports – This section contains links to the brief and detailed report for your last email. These reports can be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, CSV or saved back as a Contact List. The detailed report contains the individual reports for Bounces, Clicks, Opens, etc. You can also reuse an existing email or compare the performance of recently sent emails.
  • Automation Lite Reports – Displays a detailed report of the Automation Lite emails you’ve sent. Reflecting your campaign’s sends, clicks, opens bounces and unsubscribes.
  • AB Test Reports – Similar to Email Reports, also includes a detailed report of your AB Test result. Displaying an overall statistical review of the test groups along with the total score of opens and clicks.
  • Complaint Reports – This report displays a summary of the Email complaint rate, accepted complaint rate and complaints by ISP’s. You can view a link performance of your report and click interactions of your contacts.
  • Survey Reports – This section displays the responses to your surveys. The detailed survey report can be downloaded for your records. This detailed report contains information regarding how your contacts answered specific questions.
  • Poll Reports – Reflects the total responses received for each poll question you have sent to your contacts.