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Why Have My Contacts Received Multiple Copies of the Same Email Communication?

General Questions Updated on June 29, 2021

Even though your Benchmark Email account will prevent duplicate email addresses from being added to a list of contacts, there are a few situations that may result in a subscriber receiving the same email twice.

    • You sent your campaign to only one list at a time: If you sent your campaign to one list and then copied it to send to a second list, the system would not be able to recognize if a contact is on both lists. This would result in your subscribers receiving the campaign multiple times. The best way to avoid this is to select all the lists at once that you will be sending a campaign to. This way the system will be able to cross reference the lists and avoid sending duplicate emails out.
    • Your contact has signed up with multiple email addresses and uses automatic forwarding: With automatic forwarding, you can have emails addressed to different email addresses and they will all be forwarded to one location. If a contact has signed up for your newsletter using more than one email address, then they would see multiple copies of the same campaign in their inbox.
      • If a contact would like to remove all but one of the emails they have signed up with, they can look at the bottom of your campaign to determine which email address(es) it was originally sent to. They can then request for you to delete that address from your contact list so that they are only signed up once.
    • Your contacts’ mail servers or firewalls are old and/or not functioning properly: Many times the reason duplicate emails are received is due to an issue on the contact’s end and there is nothing you can do as the sender. We may be able to investigate situations where the server or firewall may be at fault. We would need the information from the header of the received email to do this.
      • To Obtain the Message Header for Benchmark Email: Ask your subscriber which email service they are using and to follow the directions for obtaining the header. Then they must:
        • Repeat for each duplicate email.
        • Email the headers to you.

You will then need to send us the information in an email to and attach the header information to the email.

Note: Please do not forward the email from your contact to us. Doing so may alter or delete the information that the Support team will need to troubleshoot the issue. Follow the instructions above to ensure the best possible outcome.