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How do I connect my YesInsight Surveys to my Benchmark Account?

Automation Pro Integrations Updated on August 7, 2019

Email is one way you can get your survey out to your customers. YesInsights makes it easy to copy their survey code into your Email. Following are the steps to get the survey code to your Benchmark Email.

1. First off make sure to follow the steps given from YesInsights on how to create a survey. Once you’ve clicked on Create Survey, you will see a page showing How would you like to share your Survey.

2. You will need to select an email service, scroll down to locate Benchmark.

3. Then  you will have to click on Get Survey Snippet

4. Now select how you want to copy your survey in Plain Text or HTML,

5. Click anywhere in the survey box, and your survey will be automatically copied.

6. Now, go into your Benchmark account and create or open the email you want to use the survey in.

7. Open a Text Block section and paste in your code snippet, then hit Save and Close.  If you selected the Code/HTML option, you will need to paste the code into the code editor.

Plain Text


8. Click Save and Close

Make sure your survey was added properly by previewing, or sending yourself a test email.

If you have any questions regarding the content of your survey, please make sure to contact YesInsights. However, if you have questions with your email, please contact our support team by email, LiveChat or Phone.

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