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Website Tracking with Signup Forms

Automation Pro Integrations Updated on June 25, 2019

Website tracking is embedded into our signup forms and it allows you to track your website visitors the minute they sign up using your signup forms. Our signup forms have a tracking code within their script to enable tracking. Once your signup form script is added on your site, Automaton Pro can handle the rest.

If you are already using a Benchmark Signup Form on your site and would like to start using this tracking feature, you can start right away. However, if you previously used the HTML code for your signup form, you will need to replace your signup forms HTML code. If you originally added the Javascript then there is no need to update it, the tracking is already embedded.  

Who can use Signup Form tracking?

Website tracking is part of our paid features; paid users can take advantage of signup form tracking.

How does the Signup Form tracking work?

Easy all you have to do is copy and paste both Signup Form script and your Personal Tracking Code into one of your webpages. Learn how to add your Personal Tracking code on your site.

 Getting your Signup Form Code
  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Then select Signup Forms and choose (or create) the signup form you would like to use to initiate tracking. To learn how to create a Signup Form click here.
  3. Signup form editor page will open, and select Publish and Confirm.
  4. Your Signup Form codes will appear, either select JavaScript Snippet with Website Tracking or HTML Code with Website Tracking then copy your selected code.
  5. Go to your site and add your Signup Form code in the pages desired.

We recommend this to be your Homepage.

You may need to contact your webmaster or your service provider to add code to your site if you do not have access to update.

Now, any website visitors who sign up through your signup forms will be tracked in Automation Pro.


When you choose the Signup Form codes with Website Tracking you do not have to add your personal tracking code to your page again.

However, if there are other pages you would like to track, then place your personal Tracking code or Signup Form Tracking where you want to record activity.

Tracking code should be placed in between <head> tags.

Website Tracking with Signup Forms

Learn how to create a GDPR compliant signup form.

If you have any questions regarding Signup Form tracking, please be sure to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or phone.

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