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What is a Signup Form and how does it work?

General questions Signup Forms Updated on December 1, 2015

Use Signup Forms to attract subscribers and expand your audience by adding them to your website, blog or social media. Signup Forms allow your site visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter straight from your website. All the information submitted via the Signup Form is added to an associated contact list in your Benchmark account.

Benchmark Email offers different Signup Forms to fit your needs or style. However, if you prefer to use one of our Third Party forms we have those as an option too.

PopUp Forms

Design and customize a Popup Form to add to your website

What is a Signup Form and how does it work

Small Embed Forms

By using our quick builder you can create Forms that fit in footers and sliders, with Opt-In Settings available

What is a Signup Form and how does it work

Classic Form

Select a template from our Classic Forms to embed in your website

Third Party Forms

Create Forms through integrated plugins:  

Facebook – Create & add Signup forms to your Facebook profile or fan page.

Unbounce – Connect your Signup form to any Unbounce list you wish.

WordPress – Add Signup Forms to your WordPress site by using our plugin app.

Twitter – Easily add your Benchmark Signup Form as a link in your Twitter profile.

Note: The Pop Up Form is 400px wide by default with 40px padding on the left and right. The maximum image area for is 320px. However, if the image takes up the full width you can change it if needed. For the Small Embed Form, the width is dependent on where you decide to place your signup form on your website.

Decide which Signup Form best fits your needs and begin expanding your subscriber’s list. To learn how to create Signup Forms in your Benchmark account, please Click here.

If you have additional questions regarding our Signup Forms, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or Phone.

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