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How to Activate and Share a Survey

Surveys & Polls Updated on June 23, 2022

Once you have finished creating your survey you can publish the survey and share it with your subscribers via email, social media, and of course your website. To learn how to create or edit a survey, click here.

Topics covered in this article: 

Things to know before getting started

An active survey can not be deleted if you need to delete a survey, you’ll need to first close the survey.

How to activate a survey

To make your survey active in the Design step of the survey creation process, click Save & Finish. A success message will be displayed. Now your survey is live. You can proceed to copy the URL and paste it where needed.

If your survey is inactive follow the steps below to activate your survey:

  1. On the Dashboard menu, click on Contacts and select Surveys.
  2. Locate the inactive survey you want to edit and click on its name.
  3. Be sure all steps in the checklist have the green check except for the last step, status.
  4. Click on the Status steps. Now it says inactive.
  5. On the next page click on Activate survey.
  6. A success message will be displayed. Now your survey is live.

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Survey URL

Create and publish a survey in your Benchmark Email editor. Once you have done that, you can not only email it or post it on your website, you can also share it on Facebook and Twitter. By distributing your surveys to your social media followers, your online marketing will be socially integrated, allowing you to customize your survey depending on the social platform and network of your choosing.

To get the survey URL follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Benchmark account.
  2. On the Dashboard menu, click on Contacts and select Surveys.
  3. Locate your active Survey and click on the Survey URL option.
  1. A new page will open with your survey, copy the URL.


Only active surveys have a Survey URL option.

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Survey link option in the email editor

The following steps assume that you already have an active survey and an email created in your account.

  1. Open the draft email in your account and click to the Design step.
  2. Click on the text block of your email where you want to insert the survey link.
  3. Click on the Merge option, and select Survey. Depending on the screen size the Merge option will be the More menu.
  1. In the pop-up screen, add the link text your subscribers will see.
  2. Click on the Survey drop-down, and select your survey.
  1. When done, click on the Insert option.

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Make Changes to a Live Survey

You can change the content of your questions, the question type, or even add a new question. The only thing you will not be able to change is the order of the questions, to do that you will have to create a copy of your survey to start over.

To make changes to a live survey, follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to your Benchmark account.
  2. On the Dashboard menu, click on Contacts and select Surveys.
  3. Select the active survey you want to make changes to by clicking on its name.
  1. Then click on the QUESTIONS step.
  2. You can change a question or add a new one.To change the content of a question, click on the question’s name. To delete a question, click on the More Options icon to the right of the question and select Delete.
  3. When done click on Save & Next.


Additionally, you can edit the Survey Details such as the title and survey description as well as the survey design.

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Copy or reuse a survey

When you make a copy of a survey, you are creating a new survey that is going to look the same as your previous survey, only it will allow you to edit the questions before making it live. The new survey’s results will be kept on a separate report than those of the original survey.

To copy a survey:

  1. Locate the active survey you would like to make a copy of and click on the More Options icon.
  2. Select Duplicate and rename the survey.
  3. Confirm your changes by clicking Save.
  4. Then proceed to make any changes if needed.


You can only make a copy of a survey that is active or closed. Copy/Duplicate Survey will create a new copy of the survey, thus allowing you to edit. The original survey will remain unchanged.

To reuse a closed survey:

You can reuse a closed survey anytime by creating a copy of the original closed survey.

  1. Locate the closed survey you want to reuse and click the More Options icon.
  2. Now click Duplicate.
  3. Type in a new name for your copied survey in the Copy/Duplicate Survey pop-up, then click on the Save option.
  4. You will be prompted to the Survey Details page with your new duplicate survey.

You can add or remove questions and change the details or colors of the survey.

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How to close, delete or reactivate a survey

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Close a survey

To prevent new respondents from participating in your published survey, you will need to close it. You will still be able to access the results of your survey after you have closed it.

To close your published survey:

  1. Select the active Survey you would like to disable.
  2. On the Survey Checklist page, click on Status.
  3. Now click on the Close Survey button.

Once you click on the Close Survey option, your page will automatically redirect to the Surveys page and you will see that the desired Survey is closed.

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Reactivate a closed survey

You can reactivate a survey anytime. To do this go back to the closed survey, click on the Status step, then click on the Reactivate Survey option.

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Delete a survey

Before deleting a survey, consider the following: Close the survey if it is still active. Closing the survey will prevent new respondents from participating. Export your survey results from Benchmark to a local file. In case you may need to reference the data in the future.


If you delete a survey, it will be permanently removed from your account. The survey reports will also no longer be available; this information cannot be restored.

To permanently remove the survey and its results from your account, click on the More Options icon to the right of the survey name and select Delete. Click on the Delete option in the confirmation popup. This process cannot be reversed.

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If you have any questions, please contact our support team.