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How Benchmark Tracks Email Opens

Reports Updated on July 5, 2022

Email opens are recorded in two ways, one with a hidden image that downloads when a contact opens your email; this image is added to emails created in our Drag and Drop editor or Code editor. The second method is when your contact clicks on links that include link tracking within the email message.


Emails created in the Plain Text editor do not support images or clickable links. The invisible image we use to track it is not displayed. Therefore, email reports may not be accurate.


To learn how to view or export contacts who opened emails, click here.

Benchmark Email cannot record opens when:
  • The contact’s inbox has disabled images.
  • The contact’s firewall or spam filter removes images from the email.
  • The contact has opted for text-only emails. Emails that are text-only do not support images or URLs
  • The contact’s server restricts outgoing traffic, preventing our system from receiving the proper feedback that notifies us of an opened email. This is a common practice within government institutions, banks, and organizations that deal with sensitive data.

Contacts who do not engage with your email could still be considered open. See some reasons why below.

  • The recipient server is using spam filters. In this case, the email is scanned by the spam filter, resulting in an open.
  • The recipient is using an antivirus or firewall. Similar to the case mentioned above, if the contact’s server uses a security software like an antivirus or a firewall, the email might be marked as opened when scanned for further delivery.
  • Use of Proxy servers: ISPs like Google and Yahoo. Use proxy servers to cache images in emails on their end. This might show uneven reports with multiple email addresses opened simultaneously. For more information,  click here.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.