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Can I Save My Unopens From My Reports?

Contacts Reports Updated on June 16, 2021

Starting March 30th, 2016, we no longer allow users to save unopens as a list within Benchmark.  This is to prevent abuse by spamming contacts, using the Benchmark Email system.  A lot of email recipients do not like to receive the same email twice.  However unopens are still important and you can still export unopens as an Excel file, or a Comma Seperated Value (.CSV) file for your own records.  You may upload this list to send to if you wish.

Other methods to resending to unopens, or rather non-engaged contacts, is with the tool Targeted Emailing.  With Targeted Emailing, our system will be able to compare multiple campaigns together and generate a list of engaged or non-engaged contacts for you to send a different or same email to.

Last but not least, you can also resend to unopens once, using our resend option.  Please see this FAQ: How do I resend my email to my Unopens?  Keep in mind that you can only resend the same campaign once, and after 48 hours from when the original was sent.