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Automation Pro Reports

Automation Pro Updated on August 26, 2021

There are three types of reports available for Automation Pro which are only available when an automation is activated. You can access your Automation reports from the AP Dashboard or from within the canvas.

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Automation Summary

Can be found when you enter your Automation Pro Dashboard. Any Automation that has an active email will have a Summary option.

You’ll see a list of email campaigns in the automation with their current status and how many emails each campaign has sent.

Select one of the given options to see how it is performing in each email campaign.

Quick Summary Options

  • Total Contacts
  • Total Opens
  • Total Clicks
  • Total Bounces
  • Total Unsubscribe

For individual email reports select an email of your choice. Additionally, certain options such as Opens, Unopens, Clicks, and Emails Forwarded can be saved as a list in your Benchmark account. Bounces, Unsubscribes, and Abuse Complaints can be exported as a file.

Since you can also edit the details and design of an active campaign in an automation, the Email Reports reflect all of the emails that have been activated using the Send Email node. You can select to view previous emails from the Versions dropdown. Reporting is kept separate for each email.



  1. If your workflow contains a condition that targets contacts that have opened or not opened a specific email, your condition will automatically be updated to the newest activated email.
  2. If your workflow contains a condition that targets a specific link in an email, and you decide to create a new email, the automation workflow will still continue to work. The new email must have the same email link.


Node Reporting

It is a quick representation of reports through numbers. Numericals on each node represent the number of subscribers that have reached that step in the automation.

Numbers on each node represent the number of subscribers that have reached that step in the automation


Email Reports

Email is designed to show all the email metrics like opens, bounces, clicks, etc. Allowing you to stay informed, the following are the steps to check the reports of emails sent through “Automation Pro”.

  1. Locate the green icon on top of the email node on the canvas.
  2. Click on the green icon
  3. A popup appears with email metrics like:
  • Opened Emails
  • Emails Bounced
  • Unopened
  • Links Clicked
  • Complaints
  • Forwards
  • Unsubscribes


  • The green reports icon is available only on the email nodes in the automation.
  • The metric types included in the popup pertain to that specific email.
  • Duplicate” represents the number of contacts who have not been sent an email.
  • “Other” This number may account for automation unsubscribes, or email addresses that contain prohibited domain names or keywords

If you have trouble accessing your reports or have any questions regarding reports, please feel free to contact our support team via LiveChat, Email or by phone.