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How to access reports in Automation Pro?

Automation Pro Updated on July 24, 2017

Reporting is an integral part of email marketing without it could be almost pointless. Benchmark provides one of the most user-friendly reporting systems. Avoid the hassle and rely on our easy to read reports. There are 2 types of reports available for  Automation Pro which are available once the automation is activated.

  1. Node reporting
  2. Email reports

Node Reporting It is a quick representation of reports through numbers. Numericals on each node represent the number of subscribers that have reached that step in the automation.

Numbers on each node represent number of subscribers that have reached that step in the automation

Email Reports Email is designed to show all the email metrics like opens, bounces, clicks, etc. Allowing you to stay informed, following are the steps to check the reports of emails sent through "Automation Pro".

  1. Locate the green icon on top of email node on the canvas.
  2. Click on the green icon
  3. Popup appears with email metrics like:
  • Opened Emails
  • Emails Bounced
  • Unopened
  • Links Clicked
  • Complaints
  • Forwards
  • Unsubscribes

Note :

  • The green reports’ icon is available only on the email nodes in the automation.
  • The metric types included in popup pertain to that specific email.
  • "Emails Processing" represents number of emails being sent.
  • "Duplicate Contacts" represents the number of contacts who have not been sent an email.

If you have trouble accessing your reports or have any question regarding reports, please feel free to contact our support team via LiveChat, Email or by phone.

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