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How to Add a Benchmark Email Signup Form to Your WordPress Blog?

Integrations Signup Forms Updated on July 21, 2022

The easiest way to get people to sign up for your blog is to add a signup form directly to your site. There are 4 options you can use to add your Benchmark Signup form. Please note some plans do not provide a way to paste your signup form’s HTML or Javascript code.

Benchmark WordPress Plugin

Get the plugin and add it to your site, via the widget option. Click here to learn how to install and use the plugin. 


To add your Benchmark Signup form to a site, you’ll either need access to your CSS (widgets) or access to plugins. Please check your WordPress plan to see if these options are available to you. 

Signup form via Text Widget

Add your signup form to a text widget and avoid editing the CSS of your site. 

Signup Form as a Link

Now, if you can’t edit your CSS or get access to plugins, you can add the signup form as a link. You can also add you signup form’s link directly in a post. Click here to learn how to access your signup form’s URL. 


  • Free accounts have a limit of 75 signups per day.  
  • Paid accounts have no signup limits.
Please follow the steps below to learn how to add your signup form’s code via a WordPress Text Widget.
  1. Log in to your Benchmark account.
  2. From the Dashboard menu, click on Contacts.
  1. Now click on Signup Forms.
  2. From the existing forms choose the Signup Forms form you wish to add.
  3. Now click on the icon and select Get Code
  4. From the dropdown, Select the javascript snippet with website tracking.


Benchmark Email recommends using the Javascript output because it is linked via an external javascript file where WordPress can not affect it.

  1. Copy the Signup Form Code.
Once you have copied your code, go to your WordPress site.
  1. When logged to your WordPress Admin Dashboard hover to Appearance and click on Widgets. For you’ll find available widgets in the Design Customize option.
  1. In Widgets, scroll to the bottom and choose the Text widget.
  2. Choose where you want your signup form link to appear. You can also drag the Text widget to the right to see other locations available.


Options may vary based on your WordPress theme.

  1. Click the Add Widget button.
  1. On the Text Widget, click on the Text tab.
  2. Paste your embed code inside.
  3. Click Save.

Your Signup Form should now appear on your site’s home page.


Please note that if you have a popup blocker on your browser, this will interfere with you seeing your popup signup form.

If you have questions regarding your account please consult their support.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.