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Benchmark Email Lite Plugin for WordPress

Integrations Signup Forms Updated on May 4, 2023

The easiest way to get new sign-ups is to add a signup form directly to your WordPress site. We recommend installing the Benchmark Email Lite Plugin into your WordPress account.

You can also add your Benchmark signup form without installing the Benchmark Email Lite plugin. Click here to learn how.

Before getting started, consider the following.

  • Free plans have a limit of 75 signups per day.  
  • Paid accounts have no signup limits.
  • Please note that if you have a popup blocker on your browser, it could interfere with seeing popup signup forms.

If you prefer a video tutorial, watch this video.


  • To learn how to create and customize a Benchmark signup form, click here.
  • To learn how to retrieve your Benchmark API Key, click here.

Installing the Benchmark Email Lite Plugin

There are two options to install the Benchmark plugin. Both options are easy and fast.

Installing from the browser
Installing from the downloaded plugin


Enable automatic updates of the Benchmark Email Lite plugin. From the plugins option in the dashboard, select Enable auto-updates for Benchmark plugin.

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Adding a Benchmark signup form using the Benchmark Email Lite Plugin

Once you have installed the Benchmark Email Lite plugin, you can add your Benchmark form to any post or page on your WordPress site.

Embedded or small embed forms are displayed within your post or page, but popup forms will display according to your Benchmark’s form settings. Depending on the block you choose, you may not see the signup form in the editor. We recommend you use the Preview option to see what your form looks like before updating or publishing.

Choose the option of your preference to add your Benchmark signup form:

Using the Benchmark Signup Form Block ⭐
Adding a Benchmark form using Shortcodes
Adding a Benchmark form with Widgets

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How to create an Email from WordPress post

You can create a post as a Benchmark email from your WordPress account. The plugin will use your post’s information to fill in your email details in Benchmark.

Follow these steps to create your first Benchmark email from a WordPress post:

  1. Log into your WordPress account.
  2. On the dashboard menu, select All Posts.
  3. Hover your mouse over the post you’d like to send as a new email campaign and click on the Create Email Campaign option.
  1. You will be prompted to the interface Benchmark option in WordPress. Click on the Open Benchmark Interface button.
  1. You’ll be directed to your new email Details page, the plugin will automatically fill in the following information.
    • Email Name
    • From Name & Reply Email Address
    • Email Subject Line
    • Contact list – before continuing, ensure you review the lists selected.
  2. Once done, the page proceeds to the email editor.
  3. Inside the Drag & Drop Editor, you can see the post previously selected. Continue customizing your email, and when you are ready, send it or schedule it.


To learn more about creating regular emails, click here. Additionally, discover how to get your real-time email reports here.

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Adding a Benchmark signup form without installing Benchmark Email Lite Plugin

If you can’t access WordPress plugins, there are other options to add your Benchmark forms to your WordPress posts or pages. You can add your Benchmark signup form using the custom HTML block or add the form as a link.

As a reminder, the Benchmark Email lite plugin is free, and its installation is simple. In addition, with the plugin, you can add embedded, small embed, and even popup forms.

To add your form using the custom HTML block.
To add your form as a link.

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If you have any questions, please contact our support team.