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Benchmark Send Base Plans

Billing Updated on February 11, 2021

While Benchmark pricing is mostly based on the number of subscribers you have in your account, we understand that not everyone has the same needs. Therefore we also offer Send Base plans. With Send base plans, you only pay for the amount of email sends you plan to do each month. 

The main advantage is you can have as many contacts as you want in your account — the total opposite of our subscriber base plan. Subscriber base plans allow you to have unlimited sending. To learn more about our Subscriber based plans, click here.

The disadvantage of using a send base plan is, you are limited to how many emails you can send, and anything over your plan has an additional charge. 

Send base plans start at 10,000 and go up to 15,000,000 these plans are not listed on our regular pricing page. To see the full pricing list, please click here

Only new Benchmark users have the option to change to a Send base plan. If you or your company are interested in signing up for a send base plan, please contact our support team or your Benchmark Guide. 


  • Overage rates vary depending on the plan selected.
  • Because we are a month to month service, there is no rollover for unused email sends. We do not provide refunds for unused services. 
  • Please keep in mind that if you are a new Benchmark user, you should not start sending immediately. First, make sure your sending email domain is authenticated correctly. To learn more about email authentication, please click here
  • Also, we recommend adding a few Dedicated IP’s for large sending volumes. Please consult with our support team or your Benchmark Guide to learn how many DIP’s are recommended for your sending needs. 
  • A subscriber-based account can not downgrade to a send base plan; only new users have the option to use send base plans.

If you still have any further questions about the Sending base plans, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, Chat, or by phone.

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