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How to Set Up Email Domain Authentication

Delivery Updated on November 9, 2021

Email Domain Authentication gives you sole responsibility for your domain’s email reputation. The authentication notifies your recipient’s inbox provider that emails delivered from your email domain are from an authenticated provider and that Benchmark Email has your permission to send emails on your behalf.

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How to add a verified domain


Before creating your email domain CNAME records and Dmarc signature, a verified email domain will need to be added to your Benchmark Account. If you’ve previously verified an email address, chances are you already have a verified domain. Please note that only private domains can have email authentication.

To see a list of previously verified email addresses, you’ll need to visit your Email Verification page. If there are no private verified email addresses, please add the email associated with the email domain you’d like to authenticate.

To learn more about Email Verification, please click here.


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How to get CNAME Records


Once you have verified email domains, you can move on to the next step, the CNAME Records. For this step, you will need to contact our support team and request the CNAME Records for the email domain you’d like to authenticate.

Contact our support team via email at or via chat by clicking here.

You’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Account Username or Account Email address
  • Email Domain to authenticate

Our support team will then provide you with the CNAME Records and your DMARC Signature via the method of communication you chose.

Your CNAME Records will look something like this:


Should point to:


Should point to:

DMARC Signature Example




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How to set up your CNAME Records


Now that you have your CNAME Record and DMARC Signature, you’ll need to add them to your DNS settings. The process of adding the records will vary depending on your domain host. If you do not have access to your DNS settings, contact your IT team or contact your domain hosting service.  While the DMARC signature is not required, adding it to your DNS will maximize the benefits of your domain authentication. The DMARC signature tells email providers where they can send their DMARC Reports, a type of report created by email providers to share domain and IP addresses that send emails on your behalf.


IMPORTANT: Please inform our support team when the CNAME Records and DMARC Signature are added to your DNS settings. CNAME Records can take between 24 – 48 hours to propagate.


Below we have added some popular domain hosting services; for steps on adding your CNAME Records or your DMARC signature, click on the CNAME Records link or the DMARC link for your domain hosting service.

If you do not see your domain service listed, please let our support team know.








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Please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat, or Phone if you have additional questions.

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