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Contact List Verification

Contacts Delivery Updated on October 31, 2023

List Verification is the process of removing undeliverable or dangerous emails from your list. When a marketer uploads their list into our system, it will go through our List Sampling process, in which our system checks for undeliverable emails. Based on the results, the list is either rejected or approved.

We utilize third-party services for all of our list verification needs; these include BriteVerify as well as Kickbox. Both of these and others are excellent verification solutions.  We partner with these companies so that we can keep our focus on our own software. There is a fee we charge, and it goes to pay the partner and cover some of our overhead related to this process.

Using a 3rd party verification service will enhance your deliverability. However, you cannot upload a rejected list until it has been verified.

Here is how emails are classified and which buckets they fall in.


A deliverable result means the recipient’s mail server stated the recipient exists. We have also performed additional analysis and determined this address is safe to send to within a given 5% margin of error.

Accept All/Disposable/Risky

A risky result means that the address has quality issues that may result in a bounce or low engagement. Therefore, use caution when sending to risky addresses. Accept All, Disposable, and Role addresses are classified as Risky


An undeliverable result means the email address does not exist or is syntactically incorrect (and thus does not exist).


Our service will return an unknown result when it was unable to get a response from the recipient’s mail server. This often happens if the destination mail server is too slow or temporarily unavailable. In some cases, retrying your request after about 5 minutes will return a valid or invalid response.

List Verification should be the first step before emailing, why run the risk of low engagement rates due to useless contacts? Having those invalid emails is not only a bad practice that impacts your reputation, but it also costs you money.

Consider this, if you upload a list of 20,000 contacts, and our sampling determines there is a high percentage of invalid emails on your list, our system will automatically reject the list. Then our support team will inform you of list verification.

As an example, If you approve of the list verification, the results could be the following:

Valid 12,000 and the Accept All = 1,000, Invalids = 5,000, Unknown = 2,000 for a total of 13,000 usable contacts (Valid and Accept All).

Instead of going for List Plan 20,000, which is 120.95 per mo, you can buy the List Plan 15,000 plan that only costs 96.95 per mo. This will improve your reputation and provide savings of $288 per year.

Verifying your list will reduce your bounce rate and increase your open rate. However, spam traps are NOT removed by list verification. All ISPs like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and others keep a record of your sending habits. In some cases, they will send you to the Spam folder, or if you continuously send to a bad list, they will eventually blacklist you. Ultimately, if you plan on sending to large lists, then it would be wise ALWAYS to verify your list.

Pricing for List Verification for paid clients is $3 for every 1,000 contacts. Once the support agent verifies the list, they will upload the list directly into your account. If you wish to have a copy of the verification results, you can request a copy from the support team.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.