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How do I modify the text version of my emails?

You can edit the text version of your emails by following the steps below: Click on the Text Version option at the bottom of the left pane on the Email Editor page. The screen refreshes to display the text version of your email. Make edits as necessary. You can create the text version based on the HTML by clicking on the Copy Text from HTML Email. Click Save Changes. If

août 6, 2018

How do I highlight or select text when editing my email?

When you want to re-format or hyperlink text within a block of your email, you will want to select it by doing the following: Click the Edit icon for the block you want to edit. Place your cursor at the text you want to select. Left-click and drag your mouse until the entire text is highlighted. In the event that the above steps do not work for you, you may

septembre 5, 2019