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Resize images from the Drag and Drop Editor

Drag & Drop Editor Image Gallery Updated on September 27, 2019

If you have an image, you’d like to use for an email campaign but would want to make alterations to it before using it you can use our Image Editor to crop, add text or change the style. To resize images in the Drag and Drop Editor, you’ll need first to drag and drop an image block or click on the browse for a file option within the image block.

Once you’ve clicked on the browse for a file option, you will then be asked to choose an image to insert, but don’t insert it yet! Below the image, you’ll have the options button that will allow you to edit.

To resize an image make sure you first lock the ratio, and then adjust your width and height and Save. A new image will be created and added to your image gallery.

Once you click on edit, our Photo Editor will appear with a variety of tools for you to edit your images.

Once you’ve completed your changes, click on save. This will bring you back to the editor where you will need to click on browse for a file again and your newly edited image will appear as a new file. Making changes to an image will save them as a new file and leave the original image intact

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If you have any questions regarding your images or the image gallery, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, Chat or by phone.

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