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What role addresses does Benchmark Email specifically block from bulk importing?

Contact Lists Updated on September 22, 2010

Role-based email addresses are usually set up by a company to manage general inquiries or issues related to that organization. These emails are managed by several people or individuals who may be part of different departments. Sending informative emails to such email addresses result in a high complaint rate, and we do not allow such addresses to be imported in bulk.

If you have been given explicit permission from a contact to send email messages, you can go to the "Add Individual Contacts" option to manually add each role-based email address to your email.

The following list of address are not allowed in our "bulk import" as well as the "copy-paste contacts" option but can be added one-by-one to your list if you know that a recipient on your list uses one of these as their primary email address.

  • abuse@
  • admin@
  • compliance@
  • devnull@
  • dns@
  • ftp@
  • hostmaster@
  • noc@
  • ispfeedback@
  • ispsupport@
  • jobs@
  • list-request@
  • list@
  • maildaemon@
  • no-reply@
  • noc@
  • null@
  • phish@
  • phishing@
  • postmaster@
  • prime@
  • privacy@
  • registrar@
  • remove@
  • request@
  • root@
  • security@
  • spam@
  • subscribe@
  • support@
  • sysadmin@
  • tech@
  • undisclosed-recipients@
  • unsubscribe@
  • usenet@
  • users@
  • uucp@
  • webmaster@
  • www@

Note: This is the most current list of role-based email addresses blocked by Benchmark Email. Other role-based email addresses may be added to this list without notice. If you think there was an error in the list upload, and an email should have been added, please contact us for clarification or to request a review of the situation.

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