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What should you do if you get an Abuse Alert from Benchmark Email?

Create Email Marketing Updated on August 6, 2018

If you’ve received an abuse complaint in one of your email campaigns, it is a cause for concern but it can be a very very minor issue.  Abuse complaints are only worrysome if you continually receive them over time, or if you receive a large number at one time.

Here at Benchmark Email, we allow our users to have a rate of 1 abuse complaint, per 2000 emails sent.  As long as you are under this rate you are doing great; but you may want to address the complaint by trying to ascertain why that person may have reported you (it could also be by mistake).  The person who made a report will be automatically be added to your Master Unsubscribe List in your Benchmark account so there is no action to take on your part.

If your overall abuse rate is high or hit a spam trap, we may have to take action to prevent further damage to Benchmark, and ultimately, any damage to your domain (website address).  Actiions may range from a simple email for some action to take on your part, to a suspension of your account pending investigation.  It is possible for your account to be Terminated by our Abuse & Deliverability Department if there has been gross negligence and abuse.  Please contact support at 800-430-4095 ext. 2 if you have any further questions on what to do with your abuse.

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