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Benchmark and PieSync Integration

Automation Pro Integrations Updated on March 12, 2019

The Benchmark and PieSync Integration enables you to integrate with different services that Benchmark may not integrate with. You’ll be able to take advantage of the 2-way sync that PieSync offers.

With our the Benchmark PieSync integration not only will you be able to add contacts or contact changes into your Benchmark account from the 3rd party, but you can also update your 3rd party account with any changes in your Benchmark list. Long are the days, where you needed to import contacts manually. Let our integration do all the work for you.

Who can use the integration?

All Free and Paid accounts will have access to the Benchmark PieSync integration.

Terms and Agreements

Since PieSync is a 3rd party company you must consent to their terms and conditions when initially sign up to use the integration. A new account will be created, or you can choose to login into an already existing PieSync account.

Initial Set up Once you have created your PieSync account you will automatically be on their 14 Day free trial plan. During this trial, you can create unlimited connections and sync unlimited contacts. When the 14-day trial expires, all active connections will be suspended until the account is upgraded to a paid plan or you upgrade to their Forever Plan. The Forever Plan allows you to sync 2,000 contacts for free ($19 Value) per month. This plan is specifically offered to Benchmark users, who sign up to PieSync using the Benchmark interface.

If you have more than 2,000 contacts you may upgrade your PieSync account to a better suited plan. If you exceed your contact limit for your billing period, PieSync will automatically upgrade you to the next plan fitting your new contact count.

If you decide that PieSync isn’t for you, you can cancel your PieSync account at any time.

How to use the Benchmark PieSync Integration

You must be logged in to your Benchmark account to access the PieSync integration. You can access the integration from 2 different areas, the Partner Services page or by going Add contacts to a List and selecting Sync Contacts.

The instructions below will be based on the Partner Services page.

  1. Click on your Username and select Integrations
  2. Now select Partner Services
  3. Then click on Activate in the PieSync option.A pop-up will load and show you a screen based on the email address associated with your Benchmark account.PieSync uses your primary Benchmark email address to identify if you have an existing PieSync account.

    If you do not have a PieSync account a Pop-up will appear with Terms and Conditions, to continue select I Accept.

    If you already have a PieSync account that has the same email address as your Benchmark account, it will ask if you want to connect that account.

  4. Enter your email address, and click Next to continue.
  5. Confirm your email address by entering the code you received in the email address you previously entered.
  6. Click Next.

Now you can begin creating connections!

  1. Select Add Connection
  2. Select the App that will use to connect to Benchmark.
  3. Authorize the app if you haven’t already created a connection. An authorization popup will appear, follow the steps to authorize.  Some apps, such as Microsoft Exchange, may show an additional info popup once you click on “Authorize”.
  4. Select the Contact Type This step is only visible if the connected app has different contact types.
  5. Configure your connection select 1 or 2 way syncing, set your connection rules, and Map Fields for your contact list. You can make changes to the rules at any time.
  6. Start your sync by selecting Start Syncing.

Your connection is now complete! Return to your Benchmark account and continue creating great emails.

How long does it take to sync my contacts?

Your initial sync can take between 5 to 15 minutes, and future syncs will happen almost instantaneously in just seconds.

Can I delete a connection?

Yes, you can delete a connection. However this action is not reversible, any contacts previously synced will not be affected.

What you see in your Benchmark Account

  • Connection Details
  • Connection Statuses

Possible Account Statuses:

PieSync status

  • Incomplete  The connection has not been fully set up
  • Paused The connection is not currently syncing
  • Active The connection is currently enabled and syncing contacts
  • Suspended The connection has been suspended and can no longer be controlled This happens if the account is expired, the connections become suspended by PieSync until further action is taken.
  • Connection Error  One of the connection’s accounts can no longer be accessed You will need open the popup to resolve the issue. The popup will show you how to resolve the issue.

If you are currently using the PieSync integration you do not have to switch, you can continue as normal.

Benchmark Integrations Available in PieSync

Currently, Benchmark offers integrations that you will see in PieSync, the advantage with using the Benchmark PieSync integration is you will have a continuous and two-way sync. Where with Benchmark we only offer a one time sync. Below are the integrations we currently offer but are also available in PieSync.

PieSync integrations


  • Only contacts with an email address will be synced.
  • You should not use 2 syncing services at the same time. This could conflict with data syncing.
  • Primary Benchmark Email address must be verified to use the integration.
  • When initiating the integration PieSync will check the Primary email address to your Benchmark account, to identify if there is an existing PieSync account associated with the same email address.

Learn more about how PieSync works by visiting the links below.

PieSync Dashboard

PieSync Connections

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