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Automation Pro Facebook Audience

Automation Pro Integrations Updated on October 23, 2020

By integrating the Facebook Business app with your Benchmark Email account, you can update your custom audience by adding or removing people from those lists. This feature is built into our Automation Pro tool, making it even easier to manage who you want to target.  With Facebook Audiences you can create ads to people within Facebook and not only can you segment by people you already know, but also by people’s interest.

Click Here to learn more about Facebook’s Audience.

What you need to use Facebook Audience in Automation Pro

  1. Facebook Business Account
  2. Custom Facebook Audience
  3. Paid Benchmark Account Automation Pro is only available for paid users.

Ways to connect to your Facebook Business Page

  • Automations in Automation Pro
  • Integrations Directory

Connecting from Automation Pro

  1. Using the side navigation, click Automations and then select Automation Pro.
  2. Select New Automation and enter a name for your new automation and hit save.
  3. Now, select the Start from Scratch template.
  4. The Set a Trigger box will pop-up, select the Contact joins list option.
  5. Then choose a list (e.g., Sample Contact List) and Save.
  6. Next, click the Create a Step box.
  7. From the menu, select Action and then select the Add/Remove from Facebook Audience option.
  8. Connect your Facebook Business account.
  9. Follow Facebook OAuth page instructions.

Once your Facebook Business page is connected, you’ll automatically return to the Automation Pro canvas. In the canvas, you’ll see your different Facebook custom audiences.

  1. In the Add/Remove section select the option you want to use, Add contacts to this audience or Remove contacts from this audience.
  2. Last, select which audience you want to update based on your automations actions.

connect via automation pro

Connecting from the Integrations Directory

  1. From your Benchmark Account click on your name and select Integrations.
  2. Scroll down to Facebook Business and select Connect.
  3. Complete the OAuth Process.

After completing the OAuth process, the plugin should indicate Connected. Once connected you can use the Facebook Audience feature in Automation Pro.

connect via integrations page

How to Disconnect your Facebook Business page from Benchmark Email

First and foremost, the Facebook Business plugin can’t be deactivated if there is an active automation using the Facebook Audience action. If you have an active automation with the action Add/Remove Facebook Audience, you’ll need to deactivate the automation before you can disconnect the plugin.

When you are ready to disconnect, there are two ways to do so.

Disconnect via Automation Pro

  1. Open your active automation, and deactivate it.
  2. Confirm your changes by selecting Yes, Deactivate Automation.
  3. Now, exit the canvas and create a new automation with the action Add/Remove Facebook Audience or go to an automation in draft mode and select the Facebook Audience action.
  4. Select Disconnect.

Now, your Facebook Business page is no longer connected to your Benchmark Email account.

Disconnect via Integrations Directory

Before you can deactivate in the Integrations directory the active automation with the Add/Remove Facebook Audience action will need to be deactivated.

  1. Click on your name, and scroll down to Integrations.
  2. Locate the Facebook Business plugin and click on the More Options dots.
  3. Select Disconnect.

The Integrations directory will refresh, and your Facebook Business page will no longer be connected.


  • It may take up to 24 hours for your Facebook Audience to reflect updates.
  • When adding or changing nodes in an automation, please make sure you click on the SAVE option when done.
  • Draft Automations: If you have draft automation that contains the FB action, and you disconnected the FB Business plugin via the Integrations directory or Canvas upon loading the automation, the canvas node will indicate that there is an error.

connect fb account

  • Active Automation If you have an active automation that contains the FB action and you attempt to disconnect via the Integrations directory or another automation draft, our system will detect that there are automations that are dependent on that connection and we will display the following message.

unable to connect

  • Audience List Remove in Facebook If you decide to remove an audience from your Facebook Business page, the Add/Remove FB action will display an error.

fb audience list removed

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