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Benchmark Email Contact List Permission Policy

General Questions Getting Started Updated on August 16, 2023

Benchmark Email requires that all uploaded lists are opt-in lists where subscribers have given direct permission to be contacted via email. Before importing your first contact list, you’ll need to complete our Permission Confirmation Checklist.

The Permission Confirmation Checklist is a list of boxes you must check to make certain that you’re following good email practices. You must read the list carefully and make sure you can check all the boxes honestly before importing any lists into our system. A copy of that checklist is provided below:

  • My list is permission-based When you check this box, you’re affirming that every person on your contact list has given you permission to contact them via email.
  • My list is not a purchased listThis item assures us that you did not buy or rent your list of email addresses – or any of the individual contacts on your list.
  • My list does not contain distribution email addressesThis checked box tells us that each email on your list only goes to one person, not a group or more than one person at a time.
  • My list does not contain captured email addresses This last point makes certain that you get explicit permission from your contacts to email them instead of simply “scraping” or copying visible email addresses from websites.


You must check all these boxes to upload or use your list with our system. If you check these boxes and can’t back up your claims, you’ll violate our anti-spam policy, resulting in immediate account termination.

By ensuring every customer follows our contact list policies, we can maintain delivery rates, which are essential for successful email campaigns.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.