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Benchmark Sub-Accounts

Sub Account & Client Accounts Updated on November 16, 2022

With Benchmark Sub-Accounts, you can manage multiple user accounts directly from the master account.

What is a Sub-Account?

Sub-accounts are user accounts you can create and manage from the master account. The sub-accounts share the same plan features as the master account, except for billing. Sub-accounts cannot modify or see the master account’s billing information; they can only see the list plan they are assigned. Sub-accounts are unique from one another and cannot be accessed by other sub-account users. Each sub-account has separate contact lists and emails. 

As a master account owner, you can log in to any sub-accounts directly from the User Management page. Additionally, you can deactivate or activate them at any time. 

The sub-account feature is only available in our Enterprise Plan, as well as any legacy plans.

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Unique Sharing Features

Master accounts come equipped with an extra set of unique sharing features. These sharing features allow the master account to manage all sub-accounts individually.

Master accounts can share the following:


If you are ready to start using the Sub-Account feature, click here to learn how to create your first sub-account. 

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The following limitations are in place to prevent account abuse. 

  • Sub-accounts are only available for List Plan 1,000 and higher.
  • Sub-accounts can only import contacts based on the plan assigned to their account. Additionally, if the master account is close to its contact limit, sub-accounts will not be able to import new contacts. 
  • Only contact list base accounts have the option to create sub-accounts. If you are on a send-base plan and are interested in our sub-account feature, please get in touch with our support team. 
  • Contacts in sub-accounts are separate from other sub-accounts, including the master account, and are considered unique active contacts. To avoid service interruption, ensure the master account is on a plan that fits the contacts needed for all sub-accounts. 

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If you have any questions, please contact our support team.