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How do I integrate Benchmark with Wistia?

Wistia is a video hosting platform available for all types of businesses. Some of its features include video editing tools and video creation. With our Wistia integration, you will be able to add your subscribers to your Benchmark account automatically. You can also create and automate customer journeys from the moment a contact is added to your list. To integrate, follow the steps below: Log in to your Benchmark account.
 Select Integrations from your username at the top-right of the page.
 Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Get Started. Select the Wistia integration option. Log in to your Wistia account on their website Go to the Account drop-down menu on the top right corner and select Settings.   Click API Access in the Advanced section of the right-hand menu.   Copy the Master Token and paste it in your Benchmark account where prompted. Note: If you have not previously created an API token, you’ll need to create a token by selecting New token.   Select the Wistia Form from which you want to import contacts as well as the list (or create a new one) to which you would like to add contacts and click Save & Next. Map Wistia Fields according to the data fields in your Benchmark list, then click Save & Next. Now that you have integrated Benchmark with Wistia, you can begin exploring the many  possibilities to reach and engage with your contacts!  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or Phone.

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拖曳編輯器超越一般編輯器的 12 項功能

拖曳編輯器比起一般編輯器更加好用!除了能設計出響應式郵件,還提供許多舊編輯器沒有的強大功能。 請看以下的介紹,看看拖曳編輯器是如何從旁協助你設計圖文並茂的電子報。 1. 新增區塊 選取左欄區塊並拖曳至郵件編輯區,簡單又方便。   2. 複製現有區塊 將滑鼠移動至區塊,區塊右上方會浮出四個按鍵,點擊「複製」,複製的區塊即會出現在底下。   3. 調整區塊位置 將滑鼠移動至區塊,點擊右上方「移動」按鍵,移動區塊至特定位置。   4. 插入圖片
 將圖片區塊拖曳至編輯區,接著點擊「匯入圖片」,可以從圖庫中選擇圖片,或者從電腦匯入檔案,當然,也可以直接將圖片拖曳至區塊內。   5. 插入連結 若想針對文字插入超連結,可以利用工具列中的「插入連結」輕鬆辦到。 也可以在按鍵中插入連結、PDF、電子信箱。   6. 插入影音
 從左邊拖曳影音區塊至編輯區,點擊「插入影音」,輸入影片網址,或者從多媒體中心選擇現有影片嵌入。     7. 插入附件 點擊工具列中的「插入附件」,選擇已匯入的檔案或者從電腦中上傳不同的附件,將附件連結插入至文字中或任一位置。若在工具列中沒看到,可以點擊「更多」找到此選項。   8. 修改格式 點擊區塊即可利用上方的工具列修改格式,不同的區塊能夠使用的工具也不盡相同。   9. 合併標籤 個人化不僅能讓收件人倍感尊重,也能夠提升收件人的活躍度。拖曳編輯器也能讓你在郵件中插入個人化標籤。   10. 社群媒體整合 不同以往,若要在拖曳編輯器中插入社群媒體按鍵,只要從左側拖曳社群分享與社群追蹤區塊至編輯區,自動在區塊中增添需要的社群圖示即可。   11. 垃圾郵件檢查 我們提供垃圾郵件檢查工具,這款第三方工具已完美整合到我們的拖曳式編輯器,讓您在發送郵件前,輕鬆檢查郵件內容被判定為垃圾郵件的機率。     12. 更新純文字版本 點擊左上方的「純文字版本」,更新郵件純文字內容。純文字被修改後後並不會同步更新至 HTML 中,必須自己手動更新。   不藏私的小祕訣 行動裝置設定 正如前面所說,拖曳編輯器最大的優點就是設計出響應式郵件,不論是使用何種行動裝置瀏覽,都不會有跑版的問題。為了提升用戶更佳的使用者體驗,我們更加入了行動裝置設定,讓你能隨心所欲調整郵件於行動裝置所呈現的樣子。 注意:某些情況下您會看到 TinyMCE 標誌,像是編輯文字區塊時。TinyMCE 是我們用來改善拖曳式編輯器穩定及速度的第三方軟體。這個標誌只有編輯文字區塊才會看到,它不會出現在郵件內。 若有任何問題,請透過電子郵件、線上客服或電話與我們支援團隊聯絡。

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Most frequently asked Editor questions

How do I remove an underline from a hyperlink? How do I change my font color? How do I align my images in a row? What do I need to know about using my own, custom HTML email? How do I personalize my email to display my contact's first name using HTML? How do I add custom fields in the body of my email using HTML? How do I make a custom field a hyperlink using its URL that's also a custom field? How do I send the same email with unique content for each recipient? How do I change the color of my bulletpoints? Why am I experiencing formatting issues? How do I remove an underline from a hyperlink? Click the Pencil icon for the section you'd like to insert your hyperlink Insert the text or URL Highlight the text Select the Link icon Enter in the URL (be sure to copy over the pre-populated http:// if you've already copied that portion Click Update Select the blue HTML button at the bottom right of the floating toolbar Locate the URL associated to the text. In the example below, http://www.benchmarkemail.com/ExtPricing. <a href="http://www.benchmarkemail.com/ExtPricing">Benchmark Email Pricing Plans</a> Immediately following the closing quote, enter in the following code style="text-decoration:none;" like so: <a href="http://www.benchmarkemail.com/ExtPricing" style="text-decoration:none!important;">Benchmark Email Pricing Plans</a> Click Save & Close Top How do I change my font color? Click the Pencil icon in the section containing the text you'd like to change the color of Click on the blue HTML button located at the bottom right of the floating toolbar Locate the first word of the respective line and edit the color number prior to it In the below example, I would replace #fc6462 with my desired color number or name to change the text color to "What extra features does Benchmark Email offer?" <span style="color:#fc6462;">What extra features does Benchmark Email offer?</span> Top How do I align my images in a row? Click on the Pencil icon of the section you'd like to place your images Click on the blue HTML button located on the bottom right of the floating toolbar Copy the code below and paste it over the existing code in the HTML window (Please note that this action will replace all existing content within the section): <table width="100%"> <tr> <td> image 1 </td> <td> image 2 </td> <td> image 3 </td> </tr> </table> You should have as many rows of <td> image # </td> as you do images. Since there are 3 lines of this code above, what has been provided is preparing you to insert 3 images. Add and remove accordingly. Click Save & Close You should see, the text Image 1, Image 2 and Image 3 in the section Highlight Image 1 Click on the Image icon under Insert Additional Elements Select your desired image within the Image Gallery window Click Insert Resize the image as needed (Important note: Template width maximum is 600 pixels) Repeat steps 7 through 11 for Image 2 and Image 3 Select each image and select the Align center button from the floating toolbar Click Save Top What do I need to know about using my own, custom HTML email? If you'd like to insert content in a tabular format, this should be done in tables rather than spacing in between 2 columns. Many email clients will ignore CSS unless it's used Inline. Because of this, we recommend that you code your emails using in-line CSS only. Avoid copying text and/or images from an external source such as MS Word and pasting it directly into Benchmark Email's Editor. Instead, paste it into Notepad first, and then transfer it from Notepad into Editor. Your email content should consist of 60% text and 40% images (best practices). Avoid nesting unwanted duplicate tags to the content. Avoid using scripting in the code. Avoid the use of <p> tags. Instead, use <br> tags as <p> tags may result in spacing issues when viewing from various email clients. Avoid using background images in your email as most email clients block them for security purposes. Design your emails to meet the 600 x 800 standard. Top How do I personalize my email to display my contact's first name using HTML? If you're experiencing difficulties personalizing your email using our Tools (http://www.benchmarkemail.com/blogs/detail/benchmark-email-new-feature-add-personal-greetings), an alternative solution would be via HTML: Click the Pencil icon in the section you'd like to start your greeting Highlight and delete the placeholder text Insert your greeting: "Hi," "Dear," "Greetings," etc. Click on the blue HTML button located at the bottom right of the floating toolbar Locate your greeting Copy and paste the following code one space after your greeting: [contact_attribute:firstname] Click Save & Close The code will be visible within the section but will display accordingly (s

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