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Contact List Fields

Contact Lists Updated on September 26, 2019

All Benchmark contacts have a maximum of 28 detail fields. These fields can be used for addresses, phone numbers, a date, or some notes. Using the fields can also help you create segments of contacts. To learn how to create a segment, click here. 

Contact fields are customizable except for the Name, Last Name, Middle Name, and the Email Address field. 

The  Date 1, and Date 2 fields are added by default with a date type, which can be used to schedule previous dates or upcoming events. If you don’t need these fields, you can edit them to adjust to your needs. Click here to learn how to make custom fields. 

You can change the type of content a field can accept; here are the four different options.

  • Alpha Numeric
  • Numeric
  • True/False
  • Date

The Contact Rating field is not included in the 28 fields, as it can not be edited  by a user.

The amount of characters a field can hold is dependant on the language being added. Following are the character limits for some languages.

English: 200 Characters 

Japanese: 25 Characters 

Chinese & Taiwanese: 25 Characters

Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian:

200 Characters, however, this is also dependent on how many double-byte characters are used. (characters like “ü” and “ö”)

If you have any questions related to contact fields, please feel free to contact our support team via email, chat, or by phone. 

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