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My fonts are not displaying the way I want them to in Apple Mail. Why?

General Questions Updated on April 8, 2022

Unfortunately, the way an email is processed and displayed varies between email clients. This means that your email may be viewed in various ways by different subscribers, based on their email service provider (ESP). To ensure recipients using Apple Mail see your font correctly, you will need to modify the coding of your email.

Attention: Advanced knowledge of HTML is required. Unwanted changes may occur to your campaign if the HTML coding is altered incorrectly.

The reason the font is not displaying the way you wanted is because Apple Mail is not able to read the font tag within your code:


<font color="red"> your text </font>

Span tags need to be added to each block in order to display the font you want in Apple Mail.

  1. Open the campaign you need to modify.
  2. Click on the Edit icon .
  3. On the left panel, click on or in the toolbar of the block, click on the HTML button.
  4. Add the following to the text that needs span tags: Example:
    <span style="font-color:red;"> your text </span>
  5. Click on Save & Close.
  6. When you have finished editing the block, click Save.

You are not limited to the font styles offered in the dropdown menu. Learn about additional font options that may help personalize your campaign even more.