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What are the benefits of email authentication?

Today ISP’s are seriously working to rid their networks of spam. Email authentication can help these ISP’s to validate that the email is originating from a legitimate source and the recipient can validate the mail source. All major ISP’s like Hotmail, Gmail , AOL and Yahoo! use email authentication to filter out suspected spam emails.       By setting up Email Authentication, you can enable these ISP’s to verify

septembre 5, 2019

What email header difference will my contacts see if I use Benchmark Email Authentication?

Benchmark Email enables Email Authentication and includes your Sender ID in campaign emails, by default. This information is part of your email’s header and if you use Outlook, Hotmail or MSN, your recipients will see the following headers:     Email Clients displaying only From Name (friendly name) These includes Outlook Express, AOL, Comcast, MacMail   Email Clients displaying From Name (friendly name) and From Email If Email Authentication is

septembre 9, 2019