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How do I create an email using my own HTML email code?

Create Email Marketing Templates & Editor Updated on October 19, 2019

Benchmark offers 3 email editors the Drag & Drop, Plain Text and the Custom HTML editor, if you have an HTML Email coded template you can easily use it with the Custom HTML editor. To learn where to add your HTML code see steps below.

The following steps assume that you have already created your HTML email template, make sure all images used are referenced as a URL.

  1. Log in to your Benchmark account.
  2. Click on Emails from the Dashboard, and then select Emails.
  3. Click on the Create New Email option. 
  4. Select Regular Email and click Next.
  5. Now, select the Code Editor option and then click Next
  6. Give your email a name. The name is only visible to you in your Benchmark account, recipients will not see it. 
    • To: From the dropdown, select the list you would like to send to. You can also exclude a list to prevent contacts from receiving your email, even if they are on a selected send list.
    • From: This name will be displayed to the contact as the sender. We recommend using your company or business domain instead of a personal email address.
    • Subject: Create a subject line you want your readers to see. Click Here to learn how to write a compelling subject line. You can click on the Emoji Support link where we briefly explain the use of emojis on a subject line. Click the light bulb icon for suggestions! 
    • AB Test Subject Line: To Enable this toggle the slider from gray to blue. Set the testing period and the sample group size.
    • Preview Text: This text appears in the inbox after your subject line.In the next page, complete your Email Checklist by clicking on each section and saving. Below we explain each section.
    • Design: Open this section by clicking on it, once the HTML Editor is open, you can go ahead and paste your HTML code. When done, click the Save & Next option.
    • Link Tracking & Sharing: To enable tracking or content options, click on edit or directly in the Link Tracking & Sharing box, this will open the section and allow you to enable the following.
      • Google Analytics: Is used to track site visitors. You will need to have Google Analytics set up on your website to use this feature.
      • Automatically tweet your email on Twitter: If you’d like to automatically post the email to your twitter account when it is sent, enable this option.
      • Benchmark’s public Community: You can add your email to the Benchmark Community to be viewed by other Benchmark clients.
      • Benchmark Archive: Add your email to your archive. The Email Archive can store all emails selected, and a URL is provided to be so others can view your previous emails.
  7. When you are ready to send or schedule your email, click on the Schedule or Send Immediately option on the top right. The Send Immediately and the Schedule option are only clickable once all sections are checked off.
    • Send Immediately: The email will go out within the next 10 minutes. Click Send Immediately to confirm. 
    • Schedule: This option enables you to schedule your email for a later time. Select the date, time, timezone, and click on Schedule when done.

Tip: You can send test emails to yourself to confirm how your email would be displayed in your contact’s inbox. If you are interested in knowing how your email is displayed in multiple inboxes, check out our Inbox Checker feature.

Email Checklist When completing the Email Checklist, each section has to be saved before moving on to another section.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our support team via Email, LiveChat or Phone.

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