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Does the Free Trial have any limits?

General questions Getting Started Updated on March 26, 2019



Under the free trial you have full access to the design, list management, campaign tracking and set-up tools.



The only limitation is that you are limited to sending to 250 contacts during the trial. (You can upload/import a maximum of up to 1,000 contacts in your Free Trial account)

The free trial does not extend to paid accounts. Free trials are merely for you to test out our software and see if you want to make a commitment. If you have purchased a paid plan, you have already made that commitment and you’re going forward with the intention of sending full-bodied campaigns, rather than a few hundred test emails to test drive the service. Your free trial account will expire after 30 days or after sending email campaigns to 250 contacts, whichever happens first. After that, you will be prompted to sign up for a paid plan.


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