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Manage Subscription Options

Contacts Updated on October 13, 2022

Subscribers must be able to manage their email subscriptions; if they don’t have these options, they can lose trust in your brand. We understand having unsubscribers is not ideal, but having a permission-based email list with high-quality engaged subscribers will help your emails arrive in the inbox. 


You should know an opt-out is the same as someone who has unsubscribed. While reading this article, you will see both terms; an opt-out references a contact who has unsubscribed from your mailing list to stop any email communication from your company. Unsubscribed contacts are added to your Master Unsubscribe List, and our system will prevent them from accidentally being added to your list in the future or from being mailed to you again.

To learn how to prevent unsubscribes, click here.


If you no longer wish to receive Benchmark emails go to any Benchmark email previously sent to you, scroll down to the footer and click on the Unsubscribe option and confirm. No further action will be needed.

Managing Subscription for Subscribers

The Manage Subscription option allows your email recipients to see the list they are subscribed to, and they can remove themselves from any of those lists. We encourage you to use the Manage Subscription option in the footer of your email. 

To learn how your recipients can manage their subscriptions, please see the steps below.

  1. Locate and click on the Manage Subscription link in the footer.
  1. You will see the Manage Subscription page. Here your subscribers can:
    1. View the email address to which emails are sent and update the email address if necessary.
    2. View the list(s) in which their email address is added. Your recipients can subscribe or unsubscribe themselves from any of the lists provided on the Manage Subscription page by checking or unchecking the list name. Removing the check from the box will unsubscribe a contact from that list.
    3. First name and last name if added. Subscribers are able to add this information.
    4. GDPR consent message. You can use the click here link to provide the changes other than unsubscribing, and this message will be sent to you, the sender.
    5. Unsubscribe option. Permanently unsubscribes the contact from any lists in your account.
  1. To confirm changes, click on the Save option.


You can edit the Footer link options to show or hide the Manage Subscription, Sent Information, and or the Report Abuse links. Click here to learn how.

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Customizing the Manage Subscription and Unsubscribe Pages for Customers

The Manage Subscription, Unsubscribe, Report Abuse, and Reconfirm pages are Benchmark default pages and are not customizable. However, you can modify the language on these pages. 


Click here to learn how to change the language in non-editable text areas.

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Where To See the Reason My Contacts Unsubscribed

When a recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link in the email footer, it takes them to the Unsubscribe confirmation page

After clicking the Unsubscribe option, the recipient can add the reason why they are unsubscribing or select from one of the reasons listed. You can find the unsubscribe reasons in the email report.

This survey is optional, so your recipients will not be required to fill it out.

To see an emails unsubscribe report, see the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Benchmark account.
  2. Select Reports from the Dashboard menu. Then select Email Reports.
  3. Click on the email name you want to view.
  1. Click on Activity Details from the menu bar on the left side of the page.
  2. On the Opens drop-down menu, select Unsubscribes. This will bring you to the Unsubscribes report. This page will show you a summary of who unsubscribed and the reasons.
  1. Scroll down to view individual unsubscribes. For statistical purposes, Benchmark allows you to export the file with the list of unsubscribes and their reasons. To download the list, click on the more options icon and select export to file.

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How to Re-Subscribe a Contact


If a contact has selected the Unsubscribe option, you cannot add them to any of your lists. To re-subscribe the contact, they must opt to subscribe again.

When a contact unsubscribes from your list, they are placed on Benchmark’s Master Unsubscribe List. This list forbids the user from being contacted again. 

The user is welcome to re-subscribe to your list if they choose, but they must follow one of the two instructions below to remove themselves from your Master Unsubscribe List.

  • The contact should email with the email address you use to send your emails (or your Benchmark Email login name) and request to be added back to your list.
  • If the user wishes to contact you instead, you must forward their email to Benchmark at

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